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Pizza by the Sea gets the cover of August 2016 issue of PMQ (Pizza Magazine Quarterly).

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Pizza by the Sea: This beach-town pizza company has a picture-perfect strategy for marketing to families

Pizza newcomers Jason and Kristi Beer focus on faith, community and the sunny side of life

“…It’s a good thing Jason and Kristi Beer, owners of the three-unit Pizza by the Sea in the Florida Panhandle, like children—they’ve got a lot of them. No, they’re not one of those reality TV clans with 19 rugrats and counting. Only two children actually carry the Beer surname, but dozens more—often shirtless, barefooted and loud—can be seen running in and out of Pizza by the Sea on any given day, and, as far as Jason and Kristi are concerned, they’re all part of the family.

Without resorting to giant mechanized mascots and noisy arcade rooms, Pizza by the Sea, which has two locations in Santa Rosa Beach and one in Panama City Beach, is easily one of the most kid-friendly pizza companies in the nation. Bright, colorful images of little ones dominate the company’s branding, particularly on its website and social media. The “Very Happy Meals” menu features kid-size pizzas—including cheese, pepperoni and a cheeseburger pie topped with pickles, ketchup and mustard—as well as spaghetti and meatballs and perhaps the simplest yet shrewdest menu selection you can imagine for children: a small plate of noodles and butter with a breadstick, sold for the same price ($4.99) as a plain cheese pizza.

“This place can be very loud, very rambunctious,” Jason admits. “I always chuckle when I see an online review about how crowded and loud it is, where someone says, ‘There are too many kids there.’ Well, that’s exactly what our brand is. It’s fun, whimsical and very family-friendly.”

“If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic dinner,” Kristi adds, with a laugh, “this probably isn’t the place for you.”


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