12 Churches
During a 2008 mission trip to Nicaragua, two members of the Killearn United Methodist Church (KUMC) mission team had an opportunity to meet with many pastors of the local churches. Through those conversations they learned of the tremendous work God was doing through the churches there. God place a desire in the hearts of the team members to provide additional encouragement, training, and support to these pastors and their churches. The team members wanted to find a way in which these local pastors could be mentored, nurtured, and challenged through the guidance of a more mature pastoral team. After much prayer and consideration, the missionary team presented their idea of a ministry that would aid the pastors in their service. The idea was enthusiastically welcomed by the local pastors! Through the El Ayudante ministry, the mission team also met with both a talented administrator and a gifted bilingual pastor who would contribute to this pastoral mentorship. The result of all the meetings and dialogue was the birth of the Twelve Churches ministry whose purpose is to continue to help spread the message of God’s love throughout Nicaragua.


Giving 12 Churches pastors“Since our beginning in 2009, we have seen the positive impact our strong relationships with the followers of Jesus Christ in Leon, Nicaragua. This relationship building is an attempt to overcome the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies Believers in under resourced areas of the world. Our ministry partners with local churches to bring both change and empowerment to their communities. North American Mission Teams and our contributors play an integral role in assuring our continued commitment to bring the reality of God’s kingdom to Leon and the Twelve Churches we serve.”

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